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Bakugou Katsuki x Reader - Sweet on the Inside
Disclaimer: I do not own Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia or any of the characters that are mentioned. I am not making any profit from this fic and I write purely for the love of the characters. Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia is the property of Kōhei Horikoshi.
i. appreciation
"Hey, excuse me?" your voice caused Midoriya to turn, and upon making eye contact you asked, "Your pastries and cakes.. they're all made fresh here right?"
Midoriya nods eagerly, and he smiled, "Our pâtissier makes it every morning."
Is that so? The smile on your face makes Midoriya curious, and you responded, "I see. Please let them know their pastries are absolutely divine."
Your eyes twinkled with unadulterated adoration and Midoriya couldn't say no to that request. Not like he was going to. As he made his way to the kitchen in the back, without any hesitation he softly announced, "Kacchan, someone really likes your pastries!"
"Shut up, Deku." Bakugou i
:iconitbeajen:itbeajen 28 10
Todoroki Shouto x Reader - Slow Blooms
Disclaimer: I do not own Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia or any of the characters that are mentioned. I am not making any profit from this fic and I write purely for the love of the characters. Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia is the property of Kōhei Horikoshi.Your face was a perfect example of confusion as you opened your dorm room, only to find a bouquet of gardenias sitting on your desk. You glanced around the hallway, but you knew no one would prank you, you're on the 5th floor. Who has the time to actually climb all those stairs anyways? 
And seriously, you'd get caught if you did this right before I got back but... You gently lifted the bouquet towards you, delighting in its fragrance. A small smile lifts your lips and you giggled. But this, I suppose this was a pleasant surprise.
You were about to place it down, but the white tag that was dangling on the bouquet catches your attention, and you gently take it off the flowers. I
:iconitbeajen:itbeajen 23 7
Todoroki Shouto x Reader - Table #5 Coffee Shop!AU
Disclaimer: I do not own Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia or any of the characters that are mentioned. I am not making any profit from this fic and I write purely for the love of the characters. Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia is the property of Kōhei Horikoshi.i. lattes

"Todoroki-kun," Midoriya gently called his fellow co-worker's name, and the stoic male turned and nodded his head, indicating the former to continue, "Will you take table #5 again?" 
There was a knowing smile on the green-haired boy's lips, and when Todoroki glances to the table that was obscured by the shining rays of morning sunlight that filtered in; he understood why. It was always you. 
Todoroki nodded as he tied his apron around his waist. Donned in a simple white dress shirt with a black tie and black slacks, the male took a deep breath before walking up to the hot bar. Immediately, his hands worked with expertise as he handled the delicate drink easily. Midoriya wat
:iconitbeajen:itbeajen 33 17
Beyond the Existence by Skunkyfly Beyond the Existence :iconskunkyfly:Skunkyfly 511 44 Xander by kanapy-art Xander :iconkanapy-art:kanapy-art 628 13 Mother by wlop Mother :iconwlop:wlop 7,580 127 Life study: shirts by Spectrum-VII Life study: shirts :iconspectrum-vii:Spectrum-VII 1,569 12 Storm Inside by yuumei Storm Inside :iconyuumei:yuumei 9,631 218
No Less Than Kingly (Magi SinbadxFem!reader) Pt.0
       Your joy in life was being absolutely free and in charge.
       You are (y/n), leader of the Samo Fleet. You possess a metal vessel thanks to the aid of three slum friends: Sana, Ulric, and Ama. Together you left your homes at the young ages of 15, inspired by the tale of Sinbad, the king of Sindria, who conquered his first dungeon when he was merely 14. They named you their king- technically queen- and have since been your strongest household vessels.
       For the last four years, the four of you have struggled together to make your crumbling country, Renkin, as best you could. Together, you’ve warded off many slave traders from the youth of your town and aided the adults in keeping off thieves and barbarians while they worked. You all worked hard to protect your little slum and surrounding town, but Renkin had officially died off now.
Now, at age 19, you flee your country with its deceased royal fami
:iconkcshallenberger:kcshallenberger 49 8
Tsukiyama Shuu X Muse!Reader- inspire.
Fashion Designer! Tsukiyama Shuu x Muse! Reader
warnings: none really
her/she pronouns used for reader
when you see '--' it means some time has passed
i use gender-neutral pronouns for kana btw OuO
*this is a total au, everyone is human and alive and not dead ok, i just want them to be happy 。・゚゚*(>д<)*゚゚・。
When you applied for the ad, this was not what you expected.
All the ad said was 'Muse', and since you were a model you were used to posing for artists and art classes, both nude and clothed, this was definitely different. I mean, that was what first came to your mind at the title, 'Muse Wanted'. 

You did make sure you googled this 'Shuu Tsukiyama' before emailing in with your resume to know what you were getting yourself into. Apparently he was a very well-known fashion designer. 
"Thank you for coming on such short notice, Mr. Tsukiyama will see you now."  
You started following t
:icondiamond-operation:Diamond-Operation 20 1
Rock Star!Aomine X Groupie!Reader- pop princess.
warnings: -language and slight sexual themes
her/she pronouns used for reader
when you see '--' it means times has passed in some sense
The roaring blaze of the crowd no longer pumped you up.
It was the same old thing, concert after concert, and you were getting tired. You were no longer that seductive nineteen year old that had Daiki Aomine wrapped around your finger. Now you were just the girl that he went to when another fan or celebrity didn't want to climb into his bed, he'd slink into yours for meaningless sex. Four years full of fame for Aomine later, you were the stereotypical groupie.
You didn't have to buy tickets to the rock star's concerts anymore, you just had to show up and you'd be escorted to the VIP lounge, but it wasn't fun anymore. There was no thrill.
That first concert of his you went to, with a front row ticket and a backstage pass, it felt like a fantasy. And when you locked eyes when Daiki was on stage singing your favorite song of his, lighting struck thr
:icondiamond-operation:Diamond-Operation 45 2
Drawing Fabrics and Ice by kawacy Drawing Fabrics and Ice :iconkawacy:kawacy 10,730 101 Tiramisu by DAV-19 Tiramisu :icondav-19:DAV-19 3,285 201
Spell. Cp i - Kuroo Tetsuro Sleeping Beauty!AU

Spell. - Chapter i
Kuroo Tetsurō
Sleeping Beauty!AU

You remember back in the day when you were a little farm girl, living the simple life and learning how to manage a house and crops on the farm. You also remember the fun adventures you would go on, exploring the surrounding lands (but made sure to stay off of Old Kadoovl's fields-), weaving your way around the trees in a nearby forest, all these things contributed to your now carefree and adventurous attitude and strong personality.
At 15 your little imaginary worlds began to fade as you were preoccupied with school and having more responsibilities, but that wouldn't stop you from taking calming walks along a worn path that you had carved and lined with stones when you were little in the woods. The nostalgia of seeing the old, inconsistent, crooked path brought back memories when you were younger, the smell of the dirt and damp leaves filled your nostrils with its fresh, earthy smell. T
:iconthemuggingthief:themuggingthief 10 0
Taken By Me (Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader)
You lived in Miyagi and go to Karasuno. You were the assistant manager of the volleyball team. Tanaka and Nishinoya have always been nosy about your love life because for as long as they’ve known you, they’ve never once seen you go on a date.
The Karasuno volleyball team knew you had a boyfriend. They knew he was from Tokyo and that he was a volleyball player. However, aside from Daichi and Suga, none of them knew his name or what school he attended.
The Nekoma volleyball team knew their captain had a girlfriend. They knew you were from Miyagi and the manager of one of the volleyball teams. Aside from Kenma, none of them knew your name or what school you attended.
You and Kuroo had met by pure coincidence, Kuroo on the other hand likes to say it was fate.
You had met 4 years ago while you were on vacation in Tokyo with your family. You had decided to go explore on your own before going home and ended up getting lost. A good-looking guy approached you and asked if you needed
:iconitsranko:itsranko 74 15
the thing about childhood friends
You know what sucks about childhood friends? It was fucking cliché, that one of the two was bound to fall for other. One day, he's just that snotty little boy you tagged along with almost every day, the next; you're in love with him.
It was inevitable, more like an accident really.
You didn't mean to fall in love with him, you just did.
But that's not the worst part.
The worst part is the other cliché of childhood friends; they don't feel the same way you do. And that sucks.
No, that's not the worst part. The worst part is having to keep your feelings a secret, lest you endanger your precious friendship for years.
For twenty long years.
Long enough that you two were at the pinnacle of your academic lives, finishing college and preparing yourselves for the real world.
Because as far as you knew, this was the part where things change, where reality comes right in and snatches the two of you.
The end was near.
. . .
You two have a shared taste for music, him pursui
:iconvampimummy:VampiMummy 29 14




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